THE LITTLE RED LIGHTHOUSE AND THE GREAT GRAY BRIDGE — a new musical by Jessica Ann Carp — is adapted from the 1942 children's book by Hildegarde H. Swift and Lynd Ward. This timeless New York City story tells the tale of the Little Red Lighthouse who felt important and useful until the Great Gray Bridge (based on the George Washington Bridge) was built. Then he felt very, very small and no longer needed. But then the Great Gray Bridge explained, "Each to his own place little brother!" urging the Lighthouse to see that everyone, no matter how small, has a purpose.

For this adaptation, Carp has woven new historical touches into the story. In added scenes, the Lighthouse's caretaker is revealed to be a veteran of World War I, while the Canoe stands up for women's rights. With charming characters, exciting music, and a simple but important message, this concert has been described as "a children's musical that's for grown-ups, too."

Music directed by Patrick Sulken and with direction and projection design by Brian Freeland, this truly shines!

Come celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge's original publication with this delightful musical take on a piece of classic children's literature.